Jewellery design and manufacturing since 2014

Bring designs, to reality!

Aurum Manufacturing is a jewellery design and manufacturing company, established in 2014.

Making use of modern technology and age old goldsmith traditions, our team of professional designers and jewellers strive to provide high quality products and personal service to our customers. Our biggest customer is Jack Friedman Jewellers, visit https://www.jackfriedman.co.za/engagement-rings/

Interested in seeing our factory?

Below is a 360 that allows you to walk through the enitre factory and see what we do and how we do it ahead of your visit .  🙂 

Walk Through Factory (360)

We pride ourselves at being in the fore-front of newly innovated ideas in the jewellery industry and strive to always improve our products and services. We will ensure that our customer is getting the best available quality, service and design.

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